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Covering All Uninsured Black Kentuckians Is Crucial to Achieving Universal Coverage

By Dustin Pugel
June 17, 2020

Black Kentuckians have had higher rates of infection and death from COVID-19 due to disparities in health caused by historical inequities in wages, the justice system, education, housing, health care and more. Last week Governor Beshear committed to ensuring every Black Kentuckian is covered by health insurance. Using the most recent data available, 6.4% of Black Kentuckians (21,000 people) are uninsured compared to 5.4% of white Kentuckians and 5.5% of all Kentuckians. Implementing strategies to cover all Black Kentuckians tackles the immediate crisis revealed by the pandemic and can pave read more

New Bills Would Slash Unemployment Insurance and Leave Kentuckians Stranded

By Dustin Pugel
February 14, 2019

New bills filed in both the Kentucky House and Senate would severely cut unemployment insurance for Kentuckians who lose their jobs, reducing benefits by 20 percent for the average unemployed worker. Unemployment insurance helps workers get by while looking for another job by replacing a portion of lost wages. While Kentucky’s benefit is not very generous, replacing less than half of wages on average, it provides critical support that keeps local economies afloat and helps workers continue building a career.

Unemployment insurance helps Kentuckians stay on their feet while looking read more