State of Working KY FINAL_Page_01 To view this report in PDF form, click here. Despite steady improvement in the overall economy since the Great Recession, the current presidential election cycle has demonstrated Americans’ persistent and read more
good-v-bad-tax-reform_page_1 Kentucky faces a choice: cleaning up our tax code of special interest tax breaks so we can invest in excellent schools, a healthy and skilled workforce, modern infrastructure and other read more
inheritance-tax To view this brief in PDF format, click here. Since 1906, Kentucky has relied on the inheritance tax to help pay for the good schools, infrastructure and other investments that read more
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By Anna Baumann
November 28, 2016
Four years after Kansas began its “real live experiment” cutting taxes for wealthy and powerful interests, the damaging consequences – including a deeply underfunded education read more
By Ashley Spalding
November 11, 2016
Last week Kentucky’s Public Advocate Ed Monahan testified to the Interim Joint Committee on Judiciary that the state needs to reform its Persistent Felony Offender read more
By Dustin Pugel
November 7, 2016
Social Security helps nearly a million Kentuckians make ends meet, cuts senior poverty dramatically and supports local economies by ensuring more people have money in read more
By Anna Baumann
November 2, 2016
Wages for Kentucky workers finally grew last year, suggesting both a tightening labor market and pointing to strong recent growth in manufacturing and health care read more