Click to view as PDF. The series of reports from PFM on Kentucky’s pension systems overstate serious challenges with the condition of the state’s plans to justify drastic cuts in  read more
Under the tax framework released last week by the Trump administration and Congressional leaders, the wealthiest 1 percent of Kentuckians would get 49.5 percent of the total tax cut received read more
The proposed level dollar approach to funding Kentucky’s pension liabilities would shift a large burden to our upcoming state budget and ask comparatively little from budgets a couple of decades read more
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By Ashley Spalding
October 16, 2017
High quality early childhood education has long been understood to be an important investment with a significant return. While our state has done more in read more
By Ashley Spalding
October 13, 2017
The Kentucky Justice Reinvestment Work Group, which held its third meeting this week, plans to propose criminal justice reforms in December for consideration during the read more
By Dustin Pugel
October 13, 2017
There are many misconceptions about Social Security Disability Insurance (DI). Despite recent arguments that DI is a hindrance to people’s wellbeing and the commonwealth’s economy, read more
By Jason Bailey
October 6, 2017
Legislative leaders say they will soon share a framework for potential pension legislation the General Assembly will consider in a special session this fall. Big read more