Budget Graph 1 To view in PDF form, click here. Governor Bevin’s budget proposal includes major cuts to higher education institutions and across other areas of state government where funding has been reduced read more
Ky Budget Primer 2016 web-ready_Page_01 The Budget of the Commonwealth is a financial plan, enacted every two years by Kentucky’s General Assembly, that maps out our state’s investments in education, health, transportation, public safety, human read more
Investing in Kentuckys Future_Page_01 A comprehensive preview of the upcoming two-year Kentucky state budget confirms both a massive funding gap facing the state for the next two years and a need for reinvestment in read more
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By Anna Baumann
February 3, 2016
New analysis shows the vast majority of job growth in Kentucky (and all states) comes from in-state companies, calling into question the state’s focus on recruiting out-of-state businesses to the read more
By Jason Bailey
February 3, 2016
While a lot of attention has been given to what receives new dollars in the governor’s budget and what’s exempted from additional cuts, less attention has been given to what read more
By Dustin Pugel
January 6, 2016
According to law, 55 percent of lottery profits are supposed to pay for need-based scholarships (after $3 million is given to literacy programs). For years, though, millions of scholarship dollars read more
By Dustin Pugel
December 18, 2015
A total of 425,782 Kentuckians were insured through the Medicaid expansion as of October. By county, between 3.7 and 19.1 percent of the population were covered and a total of read more