Statement on House Health Law Repeal

By admin
March 7, 2017

Statement on the House plan for the ACA by Jason Bailey, Executive Director:

“Kentucky has gained more from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) than any other state, and we have more to lose from its repeal. The new House proposal is a plan to give tax breaks to the wealthy paid for by dramatically reducing the number of people with health coverage. It would unwind the nation-leading coverage increases Kentucky has made, reducing Kentuckians’ health and taking dollars out of our local economies. And it would go further, undermining the traditional Medicaid program for kids, seniors, people with disabilities and more by squeezing its federal funding over time.

Better health is a key foundation of a stronger Kentucky, and this plan would severely weaken it. Instead of moving backwards, Congress should be building on the advances made by the ACA to further increase the affordability and quality of care and control costs.”