2016 Kentucky Budget Primer

By Anna Baumann
January 20, 2016

The Budget of the Commonwealth is a financial plan, enacted every two years by Kentucky’s General Assembly, that maps out our state’s investments in education, health, transportation, public safety, human services and other areas that build a strong state economy. As such, the budget is a statement of Kentucky’s priorities: How we invest reflects our commitment to flourishing communities today and to a more prosperous economy for all tomorrow.

This primer covers the basics of the Budget of the Commonwealth: where money comes from, how it is spent, and the people and processes that determine both. The primer also examines Kentucky’s fiscal health: Do we have what it takes to pay for the public services that make Kentucky a good place to live, work and raise families and that empower homegrown entrepreneurs and attract people to our state? What priorities and values are reflected in the budget decisions our elected officials make?

You can view the primer here.