A County-by-County Look at Potential Enrollment Decreases from Proposed Medicaid Waiver

The Governor is seeking to make changes to Kentucky’s Medicaid program in a way that would result in 87,639 fewer traditional and expanded Medicaid enrollees by 2021, according to official projections. This represents a total drop in enrollment of 6.6 percent from the starting point of October 2015. What does that mean across Kentucky counties?

The map below shows how many people would likely lose coverage in each Kentucky county if the enrollment drops were proportional to the traditional and expansion Medicaid population in counties. Enrollment drops are steepest in eastern Kentucky, as the map shows.

To view a larger version of this map, click here.

Reducing enrollment means more uncompensated care for hospitals, less state agency savings when they have to pay for what Medicaid was covering, fewer jobs in the healthcare sector and less healthy Kentuckians. While the Bevin administration and Washington officials negotiate elements of the waiver, real people across Kentucky counties have a lot to lose

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