What’s Not Exempt from Cuts in the Governor’s Budget

While a lot of attention has been given to what receives new dollars in the governor’s budget and what’s exempted from additional cuts, less attention has been given to what is not exempt. While the budget bill doesn’t specify exactly where cuts of 9 percent (4.5 percent this fiscal year) will apply, it’s clear which cabinets, agencies and programs are not spared from potential cuts.

Below is a partial list of areas that are vulnerable to the cuts. If certain programs or agencies are spared, even deeper cuts will need to be made elsewhere. In many of the areas below, cuts would be on top of 16 previous rounds of budget reductions so that funding would be 15 to 50 percent below 2008 levels if these cuts are put into place (see more here and here).

Postsecondary Education
• Universities
• Community colleges
• Adult education
• Science and technology program

K-12 Education
• Preschool
• Family resource centers
• Extended school services (afterschool, etc.)
• Textbooks
• Teacher professional development
• Career and technical education
• Knowledge, information and data services (internet access for schools, etc.)
• Community education and service programs
• Dropout prevention
• Read to Achieve program
• Math achievement program
• Gifted and talented program
• Kentucky School for the Deaf
• Kentucky School for the Blind
• Assistance for alternative education, disadvantaged students, homeless students and other programs

Education and Workforce
• Kentucky Educational Television
• Libraries and archives, including direct local aid to libraries
• Office for the Blind
• Vocational rehabilitation
• Deaf & hard of hearing
• Environmental Education Council
• Governor’s Scholars Program
• Education and workforce statistics
• Education Professional Standards Board

Energy and the Environment
• Water
• Waste management
• Enforcement
• Forestry
• Conservation
• Mine reclamation and enforcement
• Mine safety review commission
• Mine safety and licensing
• Energy development
• Nature Preserves Commission
• Public Service Commission

Finance and Administration
• Revenue
• Property Valuation Administrators

Health and Family Services
• Community behavioral health
• Community developmental and intellectual disabilities
• Residential services for people with disabilities
• Public health departments
• Women’s health programs
• Chronic disease prevention
• Infectious disease and public health preparedness
• Maternal and child health
• Laboratory services for public health concerns
• Health policy and planning
• Income support (child support, disability determinations)
• Family support for low-income people (admin. & state funding for various programs)
• Child care
• Adult protective services
• Aging and independent living (meals on wheels, etc.)

Tourism, Arts and Heritage
• Travel and tourism
• Kentucky Arts Council
• Kentucky Historical Society
• Kentucky Heritage Council
• Kentucky Horse Park
• Kentucky Center for the Arts
• Governor’s School for the Arts
• Kentucky Artisans Center

• Public transportation
• Public Protection Cabinet (regulation of buildings/housing, etc.)
• Economic Development Cabinet
• Dept. of Workplace Standards
• Commission on Women
• Commission on Human Rights
• Dept. for Local Government
• Attorney General
• Auditor
• Dept. of Agriculture
• Judicial branch
• Legislative branch

Retroactive GEDs Possible for Hundreds in Ky.

Revenue Options that Strengthen the Commonwealth

Kentucky has good options to fairly generate new revenue and put an end to year after year of deep cuts to vital public investments, as outlined in a report by the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy (KCEP).revenue options

The report, “Revenue Options that Strengthen the Commonwealth,” identifies more than 30 options to clean up Kentucky’s tax code, raise new revenue and restore and sustain critical investments in schools, higher education, health and more. These options and others are an alternative to even deeper cuts to public investments.

The options include limiting income tax breaks for high earners, expanding the sales tax base to include services and closing special interest loopholes that are draining resources from the state budget. The report also suggests reforms to help the struggling Road Fund.

You can view the report here.

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Richards: Budget Cuts ‘Unacceptable‘”

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